Goodbye Buddy

Buddy and I fell asleep looking at the stars, enjoying our last day together before he had to go. eToday Buddy was leaving to visit his cousins in Nairobi, and go native in the African grasslands for a while. I was pretty jealous…aI wanted to send him off right, so I made his favorite breakfast. Cookies on pizza, we called it the pizookie. g   After breakfast we went out for a scoot. We spent the whole day whippin and saucin and yumpin. It felt like it all went by in a blink. But it was almost 6:00, almost time for Buddy to go.At 6:00 we said our goodbyes and I lifted him into the mailbox. He would be with his cousins in 24 hours, we were both sad but happy, sappy.cAfter the mail truck came and Buddy was off, I went for a twilight drift. Getting sideways seemed to numb my sorrows. driftI didn’t have much idea what I’d do without my Buddy, but I guess I’d just have to turn the 6 upside down.


One thought on “Goodbye Buddy

  1. Charlie,

    I LOVE your personality! Your blog posts definitely show your unique humor and the pictures help me see things through your eyes. Your adventures with Buddy crack me up. When I first read this title, I thought he actually left or died or something! I hope he enjoyed his visit with his cousins.

    I am your mentor for this challenge and also teach junior and freshmen English (as well as yoga at the YMCA). I look forward to reading more about you!

    One thing I noticed is that I am unable to comment on your About Me page. Could you enable comments here so visitors can comment on YOU, not just a specific blog post?

    Here’s a link to my blogsite and my students’ blogs if you’d like to check out what we are writing about!


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