The family

I don’t remember much, but somehow I ended up cashing out in my brother Dayshwan’s camper last night. apacheAll I can recall is eating some funky chicken nuggets at Micky D’s and then taking a swim in a duck pond. Anyway I was hyped to see my boy Dayshwan, because I hadn’t heard anything of him ever since he joined the designer/skater clique in LA, everyone thought he was a goner. He told me he drove his camper back to SB because the clique master, C Roy ( Cyril Palmer), sent him on a mission to scope the new trends developing along the coast. Yeah, I always thought C Roy was sort of an acorn.whatWe grubbed on some kesadeyas and carrots and pickles Dayshwan had in his mini fridge. It was the most fascinating thing to watch him eat, it was like watching a chicken trying to fly. Somehow forgot how wack this boy is, but that’s what makes him the G of G’s!stuffHe ate most of the food but I was like yo get it because he was twig skinny. Then he had to hit the road so I wished him good luck and he skirrted off.img_7158I decided to visit my sister Olishwa and get a ukulele jam session. I taught Olishwa ukulele when she was younger and we still jam whenever we’re both not busy.img_7162I’m proud but sad at the same time, I haven’t seen her in a while and in the meantime she’s become a beast of a uker. She has 5 albums out with over a million hits each. moneyShe has connections with all the music producers so she brought me to a party at Oprah’s house. She was stoked on this disco ball and two dollar bill she found.trum-petShe also found this trombone and whipped out some jazzy notes, turns out she’s better than me at got back from the party and she let me stay at her house for the night. I was pretty tired so I cashed but Olishwa stayed up and read. It was really nice seeing the family today and my spirits were high, and even better Buddy was on his way back from Nairobi, express mail.


4 thoughts on “The family

  1. You are a walking meme. You’re family seems radical, those jazzy notes seemed pretty jazzy. Also that Bernie shirt though, I also read your buddy post. I hope he didn’t get mixed up in the mail service, gotta see those cousins in Africa. Also your sister be making mad money my dude.


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