My mixtape was almost done, but I needed a break. So I through on my crocs and headed up to my favorite hill for a little drift sesh.I hadn't been over the bridge since Buddy left and it felt good to be back at it. Oh nuggets! As Im on my way to get sideways, twelve pulls … Continue reading Drifting


Walk in the River

Dayshwan: This morning I cruised over to Daquan's for the first time since I moved back to SB. I was hoping to go drift or something but I found a dilema on the door.Mixtaping in progress,  classic. I forgot about the mixtape Daquan was working on. I went in and talked to him but he … Continue reading Walk in the River

Dayshwan Moves Home

Today my brother Dayshwan traded all of his belongings at pawn shop for a moped, pair of Gucci glasses, and enough gas money to get to Santa Barbara.His snow retreat a week prior prompted Dayshwan to take control of his life and quit working for his unoriginal and fake boss, C Roy. He wanted to … Continue reading Dayshwan Moves Home