Walk in the River

Dayshwan: This morning I cruised over to Daquan’s for the first time since I moved back to SB. I was hoping to go drift or something but I found a dilema on the door.Mixtaping in progress,  classic. I forgot about the mixtape Daquan was working on. I went in and talked to him but he said he was super busy tapin, so he lent me his glasses and got back to buisness. Then Buddy crawled out from under the couch and said what up. Then I thought, why not just cruise with Buddy? So we walked down to a nearby river to explore.

We found an opening in the trees and dove in. There was poison oak and muskeeters everywhere, nature.

There was only a little water in the river but Buddy managed to get soaking wet. He kept slipping on the rocks, splashing around in the muck, and the mire.

We posted up on a bank for a while, I was xhsausted but Buddy was pumpin. I ate some tater tots I had in my pocket and Buddy ate a squirrel. It was getting late so we made our way out, Buddy was soaked and stoked, I was hurting.


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