The Tape

After weeks of taping and mixing, I was almost done. But to understand what is going on, Ill bring you back 1 month.  I’m sitting outside with Buddy, watching some bunnies, when my phone starts buzzing. Its a face time request from this number in Florida. I’m kinda trippin, but I answer anyways. This dude in a suit pops up and starts tellin me about this secret probe NASA is sending to space in a month and one day. Right as I’m getting loster than huelarry in a bluebarry, the dude asks me if I can make a mixtape to send up in the probe. Can I make a mixtape? What kind of question is that. He told me it had to be done in a month and then shipped special express to his address, so I hung up and got to work.Back to present day, I woke up and finished the final touches, it was ready.When I pulled the CD out of the computer it was actually glowing. At this point I realized that part of me would live on, and travel further than I ever could, it felt good. I think now I knew what Biggie felt like, when he was ready to die. I got a call from the Florida homie again, saying the delivery service would be at my house tonight to pick up the mix tape. Before I had to say good bye I looked at it for a while, knowing this could be the first taste of human culture that aliens ever tasted. I put it in my freezer to ice it up a little, and get it used to the cold. It was 8:00 when the truck pulled up, it had a large NASA logo on the side so I knew it was the one. I wished my baby good luck, and handed it to the scientist.


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