Mammoth with Olishwa

This weekend I went to Mammoth with Olishwa. The snow had all been melted so we looked for some sunny adventures.The zipline looked a little sketch, so Olishwan contemplated for a while. Eventually she came to terms with her fear and climbed up the ladder.She ended up loving it and went on it over and over for an hour straight. She said it felt like flying, so I tried it. It went undocumented but right when I jumped the harness snapped and I fell 40 ft into a random ball pit! Nearly squishing 9 toddlers. It was pretty fricken insane, not really sure what I had such good karma from. We were over the zip so we brought Buddy to lake George. The water was pretty warm so Buddy jumped in right away and splashed around. As we were sitting on the beach we saw a little splash about 20 ft out and Buddy sprinted towards it. After a little squeamish, Buddy proudly jogged back to us on the beach with a baby salmon in his mouth. We let him have it because we didn’t want to get salmonilla. After the lake we headed to a camp our friends were staying at.We met up with post-eskimo Tanaka, Dayshwan, Colbyshwa, Benuan, and Little P. We had a little campfire in the woods singing Drake songs and feasting on smores until we fell asleep.This whole thing doesn’t feel very real to you does it? That’s because it’s not, Daquan and the gang are a figment of your imagination, as they are to many others. Whether you realize it or not, they will always be with you no matter what.


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