Dayshwan in Da Snow

Today I got an email from Dayshwan about his snowventure and interesting change of mind, it read:Daquan I’ve been thinking, and I don’t want to work for C Roy anymore. I want to explore the world and just have fun, the way you taught me. So I quit my job and went on a little trip to the snow. I stayed at a freaky cabin the first night that was haunted by a ghost named Frannie, who kept writing messages to me on the bathroom mirror. She told me to follow my heart and do what I want, so from now on that is just what I’m gonna do.When I woke up I went for a morning stroll and ran into a freaking Eskimo! He told me his name was Tanaka Yamashita. We talked for a while and he told me his dream was to move to Santa Barbara one day and open a sushi restaurant. I asked why Santa Barbara, and he told me it was the most wonderful and beautiful place in the whole world. He made me realize that the place that I really belonged, was my place of origin. We felt a connection and hoped to meet again in the future, then we bid each other farewell.    I was so happy to have some sort of plan for my life so I hucked a backie of the first snow pile I could find. But my shaders fell off mid-flip! When I finally found them one of the lenses had fallen off ).:Now I was mobbin with one shade… I gave the shaders to melting snowman, thought it might help.Then I came across a little shop that rented snowboards. I got one for the day and headed up to a little pow run. I built a jump and hit the crud out of it. On my third walk back Tanaka was waiting at the top of the run. He taught me how to flow like trees in the wind. He new everything about snowboarding and when I let him use my board he sent a double backflip and landed it like nothing! We parted ways again and I headed back to the lodge from where I am writing this now. I wanted to let you know that tomorrow morning I am coming back to Santa Barbara, I can’t wait to see you and Buddy.


One thought on “Dayshwan in Da Snow

  1. Are you still planning on participating in the blogging challenge? Make sure you have a post relating to the Creative Commons activities and a post about commenting!


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