This weekend I visited Mojave desert, I met a lot of cool new people and had an amazing experience. The first thing we did after setting up camp was kite boarding, similar to kite surfing except on a skateboard. I had never done it before but it turned out to be really fun. When the wind picked up you could go over 30 mph and the ground was so smooth it felt like flying.  This is basecamp. It was cool because every once in a while a gyrocopter would fly over. The multiple umbrellas kept us away from the occasionally scorching sun.  As it started to get dark the sky bursted with flavor. It was so beautiful because the entire sky was so bright and colorful. It was the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen. We rode bikes and kite boarded until the sunset went away. After it got dark we brought out the rockets. I was very excited about this part because I had never launched a rocket before. We set them all up and one by one they shot into the stars. After about 2 minutes they came back down and we had to go search for them, but we put little lights on them so they would be easier to find. The launch pad was pretty burnt by the end of shooting because be were using the c-40 engines, which were very powerful.We were all pretty tired from a long day in the heat so we settled down in our tents and went to sleep. But before I could fall asleep I listened to the beautiful sounds of the desert, and right before I went down, I heard a desert fox howling in the distance.


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